YMCA of Greater Kalamazoo
New Employee Orientation (NEO) Instructions


Please read the following instructions before beginning:


NEO is done in four parts. The first three are to be taken online: Part I – New Employee Orientation, Part II – Employee Safety and Risk Management, and Part III – Child Abuse and Maltreatment Prevention Training. Part IV is an on-site orientation at your branch. All new employees must complete Parts I, II and III prior to the first day of work. Part IV should be completed within the first 60 days of employment. Employees are paid for the time it takes to complete the NEO.




Here are the steps to register:

1. Go to http://nptrainingworks.com/ymca/kalamazoo  

2. Toward the middle of the screen you will see “Register on this site by clicking here.” Click the link and complete the registration form.

3. REMEMBER YOUR USERNAME AND PASSWORD. Write it down for future reference.


Once you have registered, you should be automatically logged into your new account and taken to a welcome page that says “Welcome to the YMCA of Greater Kalamazoo New Employee Orientation Program. We are pleased you are now a part of the YMCA of Greater Kalamazoo team.”


To begin taking Parts I-III:


1. On the welcome page, about halfway down, it says, “Once registered you can click here to access Parts I, II, and III of the New Employee Orientation. (Please Note: You cannot access Parts II and III until you complete the preceding course).”

2. Click the link provided OR click the blue button at the very top of the page that says “My Courses”. 

3. A new page will be opened up and you will see YMCA of Greater Kalamazoo New Employee Orientation listed. Click the link that says “Take Course.”

4. The course will start automatically.

5. You can complete Parts I-III all at once or log in at a later time and the course will direct you to where you left off. It will not let you go to the next section until you have clicked on and read everything on the screen and listened to all audio. There are no shortcuts!

6. When you complete all parts of the training, an e-mail will be sent to human resources and your supervisor notifying them that you have completed Parts I-III of orientation.

If you have any questions about New Employee Orientation, please contact Human Resources.


If you need technical support while completing Parts I-III, please visit http://nptrainingworks.com/support.