Please Pass Along to the Appropriate Staff in Your Branch:


Our online orientation is functioning properly however, there may be instances where your staff encounter user errors. Here are some helpful reminders I would like to share to further inform everyone of how to correct an issue.


If a staff person partially completes the orientation, times out, or needs to step away and sign back in it's possible that they may be clicking "Start Over" on the opening message instead of "Go To Where I Left Off" (Example: see attached screenshot)


A warning message will pop up as well to let employees know that, if they do this, they will have to redo all materials. I attached a screenshot of that as well.


If someone enters back into the orientation and does not complete the course but submits the form, they are just not going to the final page, as instructed in the course. A user's course is set to complete when they reach the final page, which is the one right after they submit the signature form. On the form page, they are instructed that they MUST click next after submitting the form in order to complete the course. That is in audio, onscreen, and comes up after they submit the form.


If you have issues like this in the future, individuals or supervisors can submit support tickets now on the site, by going to the support link at the top of the page, and then clicking on Contact Us. (Example: see attached screenshot)




Tammy C. Bolduc 

Director of Administration

Capital District YMCA Administrative Office

465 New Karner Road Albany, NY 12205