Instructions for employees from the Y on how to log in.
YMCA of Memphis & the Mid-South New Employee Orientation Instructions
Please read the following instructions before you begin: New Employee Orientation is made up of two courses, which are to be completed online. All new employees must complete the trainings within two weeks of completing their New Employee Paperwork. Exceptions will only be made in extreme circumstances and must be approved by the VP Human Resources. Employees are paid two hours to complete the NEO.
This course may not be compatible for viewing on a mobile device or tablet or with some browsers. If you need to use a YMCA computer to complete the orientation, please contact your supervisor.
How to register and access the trainings:
1. Please go to
2. On the login screen, click the green button that says “Register Now,” and then click the button that says “I want to register for a new account.” Fill out the fields and follow the instructions to register for an account.
3. REMEMBER YOUR USERNAME AND PASSWORD. Write it down for future reference.
Once you have registered, you will be automatically logged into your new account. From there, click on the My Courses box at the top of the page, as seen below, to access your NEO courses.
To begin taking the NEO courses:
1. Once you click “My Courses,” you will see YMCA of Memphis & the Mid-South New Employee Orientation” listed.
2. Click the blue button that says “Take Course.”
3. A new tab will be opened up in your browser and the courses will begin.
You can complete the training all at once or log in at a later time and the course will direct you to where you left off. It will not let you go to the next section until you have clicked on and read everything on the screen and listened to all audio. There are no shortcuts! When you complete the course, an e-mail will be sent to the Human Resources Department, notifying them that you have completed NEO.
Important notes for all parts of NEO:
Employees that have resigned and been rehired within one year of their termination date do not need to retake the New Employee Orientation. Please note that we reserve the right to have these employees re-attend if major updates or changes have been made since their last attendance.
If you have any questions about New Employee Orientation, please contact Human Resources Lisa Biddle at e-mail or Dorrie Minor at email
If you need to use a YMCA computer to complete the orientation, please contact your supervisor.
If you need technical support while completing the online training, click the help button, located above the course at top right. Feel free to utilize the CypherWorx customer support line by calling (888)-685-4440 between the hours of 9:00 AM and 5:00 PM Eastern Standard Time. If you have an inquiry outside of our live support hours you can call and leave a message. A customer support representative will return your call during our live support hours. You can also submit your support questions through our contact form here.