South Shore YMCA Re-certification:

South Shore YMCA employees who are required to do re-certification are told internally (by the South Shore YMCA) which courses they need to take for re-certification. However, both courses are added to each employee’s account upon registration as a re-cert. The two courses are:

  • Child Protection & Reporting Re-certification - SSYMCA (1 hour)

  • Employee Safety Re-certification - SSYMCA (30 min)

The New Employee Orientation is also added as an option for re-certification, but is not required.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The steps and pages will be the same as the New Employee Orientation courses, except EACH of the re-certification courses has its own signature page before the Next Steps page, called Signature Page. Completed signature forms are sent to the Training Coordinator at the South Shore YMCA (no contact yet). School Age Child Care and Afterschool Program employees MUST print a certificate of completion and hand it in to their supervisors.

This is what it will look like when they log in. They will choose "Current Employees" to take the recert course.

South Shore YMCA Volunteers:

South Shore YMCA Volunteers are given 3 courses in the Volunteer Training collection:

  • Part I: Child Protection & Reporting for Volunteers - SSYMCA (1 hour)

  • Part II: Employee Safety for Volunteers - SSYMCA (30 min)

  • South Shore New Employee Orientation - Optional for Volunteers

IMPORTANT NOTE: Volunteers are required to take Parts I and II, but there is no signature page, e-mail, or certificate for volunteers. They are not required to take the optional New Employee Orientation.

The steps and pages will be the same as the New Employee Orientation courses, except none will have signature pages.