Website for the STARS system explanation: (If someone calls in to ask if they need to put their information from the courses they took on our site into the Merit system.

Main contact as of August 2016 - Statewide Training Manager: Bill Wells

Emily Emerson has left as has her admin, Graeme Aegerter

From the website:

Let's Review the STARS System - STARS is the acronym for State Training And Registry System

STARS is a Washington State mandated training program for child care providers. STARS is a career development system designed to improve child care through basic and ongoing training for child care providers. The Department of Early Learning (DEL) administers the STARS Registry, a web-based database that tracks provider records. 

MERIT  (Managed Education and Registry Information Tool)

MERIT website:

MERIT replaces the STARS database as the place for information on STARS approved training and education. The Department of Early Learning (DEL) State agency in charge of child care licensing and managing the STARS program.

The Managed Education and Registry Information Tool (MERIT) is a voluntary, statewide tool to document and recognize the professional achievements of early care & education and school-age professionals. This innovative online tool helps professionals find training opportunities, access information on career pathways, and track their individual career progress. MERIT also identifies approved trainers who provide education to professionals.

Over time, MERIT will also be used for:

Quality assurance and requirements for trainers and trainings to ensure that the workforce is receiving high-quality training that is linked to the state Core Competencies and Early Learning Guidelines.

Placement of individuals on a level of a career lattice based on verified training and education accomplishments.

Assisting DEL child care licensing staff in ensuring that state requirements for individuals and facilities are met.

Data collection on the early care & education and school-age workforce in order to identify trends and inform decision-making related to policy and investments.

MERIT is designed as a tool for all those who work with young children and their families in an early care & education or school-age program. This includes licensed child care professionals in family home and center-based care, Head Start professionals, Early Care and Education Assistance Program (ECEAP) professionals, preschool teachers, school-age professionals and administrators who support the direct care of children.

MERIT–Frequently Asked Questions

Find Your STARS ID Number

Instructions on How to Apply for a STARS ID Number

Apply for a STARS ID on MERIT

The Department of Early Learning (DEL)

DEL Website:

DEL licenses and monitor Washington's 7,400-plus licensed child care settings in family homes and centers that serve about 174,000 children. DEL licensors support child care business owners and their staff in offering safe, healthy care, and take action if settings are found to be unsafe for Washington's children. DEL also oversees the state professional development system (STARS) to help ensure that for those who care for and teach young children continue to increase their skills and education levels.

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Successful Solutions Training in Child Development

Successful Solutions Training in Child Development is a subsidiary of Successful Solutions Professional Development LLC. Successful Solutions Training in Child Development is a STARS (DEL MERIT) registered training organization. Our STARS training organization ID number is #5053. We offer STARS training in partnership with Claudette Lindquist and Debra Hasbrook, advanced level STARS approved trainers.

Successful Solutions Professional Development is a leading training organization offering the National Child Development Associate Credential Training, In-Service CEU courses for most states, an online Business Education Program, and accredited online Career Highschool. We are independent STARS approved trainers, not affiliated with the Washington State Department of Early Learning, MERIT or with WAEYC. We are approved by the MERIT to provide STARS training. All STARS training regulations/procedures, record keeping; and STARS ID’s are dictated or managed by the Washington State Department of Early Learning (DEL). The STARS Scholarship Program is managed by MERIT.

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30 Hour Basic STARS Training