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Discussion Topics/Groups feature requests

 4/13/15 from Kathleen Nichols -- Brevard Zoo Volunteer Site:

1. Open a discussion and the posts go from oldest to newest (at the bottom) and there is not a way to sort them -- please change this so the newest post is at the top of the list.

2. Pinning Discussions (soon to be called Groups) -- please make is possible to force a group to be at the top of the list when you first open up the list (formerly this was a box to click that said "feature" this group....). (I told her that this is in development.)

3. Bring back email notifications and ability to message fellow members! (I told her that this is in development.)

4. You can't alter an attachment to a Discussion post. You should be able to download, make changes and re-upload an attachment but since you can't alter a post once it is posted that flows over to the attachments too -- can that be changed somehow? Right now a user has to add a whole new post (and then what happens to the outdated one -- seems like you accumulate a lot of junk that can't be cleared out.

5. Those little arrows that let you sort in the new features -- can they be made red or something? They are hardly noticeable and I had to point them out to Kathleen.
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