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Notifications - Can the reminder emails be stopped when training has been completed?

Course Expiration Notifications:

Request received from Pam Baxter at Graham Field, 2/6/19.

The email notification reminder about a deadline approaching is sent out to learners even when the training has already been completed. 

The email does let them know if they have already completed the training (at the end) -- but no one is reading that far and as a result, site admins are getting a lot of learners contacting them expressing confusion/irritation.

Perhaps the notification could be modified or a different one could be sent out if the training has been completed to be worded with something like: Thank you for completing your training before the deadline! This is a courtesy note to let you know that the training you have completed will expire in 3 days. If you would like to review anything in the training/course please do that before the expiration date.........

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