Each organization is unique and has different needs. CollaborNation gives administrators various ways to add users to their site.

Users Self Register

As an administrator you can give all your users a URL where they can register themselves into your site. In Admin Settings click on Site Building. On this page simply use the Login URL to share with your users. With this address they can follow the registration prompts to gain access to your site. The URL is https://collabornation.net/register/IDENT where IDENT is your organization's unique address.

When the learner goes to this address they will follow the standard registration process

Add Single User

As an administrator you have the ability to register individual users. To do so, go to the Admin Settings and click on Add Users

This page lets you fill out account details for an individual user. Passwords entered here are temporary, the first time the user logs in they will be forced to change their password. If your site has Additional Registration Information it will ask for those details at the end as well.

Add Multiple Learners

Aside from creating individual users, administrators have the ability to create multiple users at once. This can be helpful for organizations who want to create batches of employees to onboard all at once or to set up their site before launching. 

Step 1: Download the CSV file

  1. Go to Add Users, then Add Multiple Learners.
  2. Download the CSV (comma-separated values) template.
  3. Open the CSV file in a spreadsheet application such as Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets.

Step 2: Enter learners' information

  1. For each learner, you will be required to add information in these columns in the spreadsheet:
    • Email
    • First Name
    • Last Name
    • Password
  2. Your organization may also collect Additional Registration Information fields, which is additional information about learners tied to their account. 
    1. If these fields are marked as required, it was set up as such by an administrator of your site. You can edit if these fields are required.
    2. Some of these fields may be set up to accept Reporting Groups. If this is the case, it must be spelled exactly as how it appears on the Reporting Groups page. A table is also provided that displays how the names appear.
  3. Add one row for each learner you would like to register.
  4. Save it as a CSV file.

Step 3: Upload the file

  1. Once the file is prepared, attach the file on Add Multiple Learners.
  2. A table will appear displaying your learner information to review. If anything is not correct, simply make the necessary change to your file and submit it again.
  3. Check the "Send Welcome Email" box if you would like to send these learners an email saying that their account has been created. This can be customized on Site Building.
  4. Click Create Learners.

Guidelines and Common Errors

  • Be sure to save your spreadsheet as a CSV file type (.csv)
  • Enclose values with commas, line breaks, or double quotes in double quotation marks. For example, "123 Main Street, Pleasantville"
  • Passwords you set in the CSV file are for one-time use only, learners will be prompted to change their password on their first log in. If you are updating an existing user, their password will not change.
  • Add one row for each learner you would like to register. Do not skip rows.
  • Do not add or remove columns or change the order in which they appear.

API and File Transfer

CollaborNation also has the ability to manage accounts automatically. Please see the articles on the API and the File Transfer to learn more details on how to set this up and maintain your users.