If you have created a course in Rise or Articulate Storyline, and you need us to add that course to your site, you will need to export the Rise/Storyline course and provide us with a zip file. In addition, the following information will be required: 

  1. Course title 
  2. Are there prerequisites (if there are, then they'd need to be supplied as well)
  3. Is there an image that will show up when someone takes the course? Is so, provide that in jpg form.
  4. What is the Course Availability? (This is how long - in weeks - a client has to take the course - leaving it at 0 means it doesn't expire).
  5. Course length (how long in hours - i.e., 1, 1.5, .75, etc)
  6. Course description
  7. What catalog you want the course to go in
  8. If there is a test, what's the mastery score
  9. If there is a certificate, does it need to populate on "passed" or "completed"
  10. If there is a quiz, please provide us with the answers.