The first time anyone wants to access the NeighborWorks Winter VTI, they must go to this page:

This page must be used to access the Winter VTI site for the first time no matter what. People need to go to this page if:

  • We imported their user account already and they haven't accessed the Winter VTI site yet.
  • We did not import their user account. They can go to this page and create a fresh user account too.

We imported more than 17,000 users into the site with all their registration fields (e.g. their address, organization, gender). They would come to this page and enter their First Name, Last Name, Email Address, and then set a password.

This password field here is different than how we handle registration everywhere else.

  • If they already had an account in CollaborNation and enter their details here, when they enter their password it will update their account to this password.
  • If their account didn't exist before, entering a password will create their password.

Registration Fields

After clicking Create Account, you will see all their Registration Fields. This is set in Admin Tools > Registration Fields.

NeighborWorks is asking for:

  • Prefix: Dr., Miss, Mr., Mrs., Ms. (required)
  • Gender: Female, Male, Other Gender
  • Race: American Indian or Alaska Native, Asian, Black or African American, Hispanic or Latino, Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander, Other Race, White
  • People Type: NeighborWorks Network, NeighborWorks Staff, Other Organizations (required)
    • Network Organization: Will display if NeighborWorks Network is selected for People Type. A dropdown with ~270 organizations to choose from. (required)
    • Type Full Organization Name (If your organization does not appear type 'Other' and hit enter. New fields will appear below.)(required) 
      • Create Your Organization Name (Type full organization name): Displays if 'Other' is typed above. (required)
      • Organization Sector: Displays if 'Other' is typed above. Community Based Development Organization, Faith-based Organization, Financial Institution, Government Agency, Other Sectors, Tribal Government or Tribal Non-profit. (required)
  • Primary Phone #(required) 
  • Primary Phone Ext #
  • Mobile Phone Number (Type 'NA' if not applicable)(required)
  • Mailing Address 1 (required) 
  • Mailing Address 2 
  • Mailing City (required) 
  • Mailing State: Dropdown with all 50 states selectable. (required)
  • Mailing Zip (required)
  • Any special needs as described by the Americans with Disability Act?: No, Yes (required) 
    • Special Needs Description: Only appears if Yes is selected above. (required)

Please note: These fields may update or change due to NWs requests.

If we imported their account, these fields will be prefilled. People have the option of confirming or updating their information. 

People Type

There are some specific business rules that are applied for People Type.

1. If a person selects NeighborWorks Network for People Type, they will then see a dropdown for Network Organization. There are about 270 organizations to select from. These are organizations that are within NeighborWorks Network. The organization needs to meet certain criteria to be part of their network (which I'm not aware of all the requirements). It may include a cost.

2. If a person selects Other Organization for People Type, they will have the option to start typing the name of their organization. We imported ~20,000 organizations that NWs provided. There are too many organizations here to display as a dropdown. Instead the learner needs to type the name of the organization, and there will be an autocomplete that they can select from.

The person is required to actually select the field. While testing this with NWs, people would type their organization and then click off, not actually putting them in the group. So this restriction was explicitly added with NWs feedback.

Although NWs sent us over 20,000 organizations, there may be some organizations not included here. In this case, people must type and select Other, then type in their organization's name and sector (as provided by NWs).

3. If a person registers as an account (e.g., they will have the option to select NeighborWorks Staff for People Type.

If a person selects NeighborWorks Staff, they will have full access to everything without a price. They do not need to select a package, they gain access to the site immediately after clicking Submit on this page.


After entering registration fields, you will then be given the option to select packages to purchase. 

The package contents are the same, but the price is different depending on if you are a Non-Network (Other Organizations) or Network organization, when selected for People Type on the previous page.

The pricing structure is:

PackageContentsNon-Network PriceNetwork Price
All Access PackageUnlimited Access to:
- Symposium *
- Webinars
- 1 Faculty-Led Course *
- Networking Opportunities (Roundtables and Afternoon Workshops)
Community Development Pro- 8 Webinars *
- Symposium *
- Networking Opportunities (Roundtables and Afternoon Workshops)
Webinar/Symposium Combo- 4 Webinars *
- Symposium *
- Networking Opportunities (Roundtables and Afternoon Workshops)
Week of Webinars- 5 Webinars *
- Networking Opportunities (Roundtables and Afternoon Workshops)
One-Week Workshop- 1 One-Week Workshop *
- Networking Opportunities (Roundtables and Afternoon Workshops)
Symposium/Networking Combo- Symposium *
- Networking Opportunities (Roundtables and Afternoon Workshops)

* Denotes training that the learner is required to select

There are separate tables for each of the different training types. It's displayed in this order at NeighborWorks' request:

  • Symposium
  • Webinars
  • Faculty-Led Courses
  • One-Week Workshop
  • Networking Opportunities
  • Afternoon Workshops

Each table displays the training title, date, remaining seats, and its description.

Depending on the package you select, the tables may appear/disappear. If there are requirements on the number of training you can take (e.g. 4 webinars), you will only be able to select up to that number of training items.


To be able to adapt our system to have various packages available to purchase to gain access into a site, we needed to set a base price for the site membership, then offer discounts depending on the package selected.

When on the cart page, the learner will always see the NeighborWorks America Winter VTI Base Price of $1,200. 

From there, depending on what they select they will see a discount of their selected package. Then they will see the total that they need to pay.

The learner would checkout, enter their credit card information, confirm payment, and then be taken to the Winter VTI site with their training automatically assigned to them.

Coupons have been created for the Winter VTI.