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If I start a new discussion in one of my groups, will each group member get an email notification that says a new discussion is started? And will each also get an email reply when others in the group post to the discussion? I'm not sure I have the notification settings working correctly.


Stacy: if you'd like group members to receive an email notification that says that a new discussion has started, you must adjust the settings of the group notification default. It needs to say "instantly" - go to your group, choose "edit group notification defaults" and where it says "Send Notifications From Group" choose "Instantly" - the system's default is "with my digest."


I'm attaching a document to show you what it looks like.


Ok, I see that. However, when I open it, "instantly" is selected. I just did another refresh and test. The test person saw that there were discussion updates when logged into zoo academy to check, but she didn't get an email that says there was a new reply. I get an email. Can I set it so the whole group gets an email? Is it a setting within the members settings instead of the group?


When someone joins a group, they have to change their Group Notifications setting upon joining. So, yes, every group member must change their setting as well. Let them know that they'd need to go to "My Home" then "My Groups" then "Group Notifications" - change that to "instantly" - then they'll get the email notification.


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