Supported Browsers

CollaborNation supports these modern browsers on desktop and mobile platforms:

  • Chrome - Latest stable release
  • Safari - Latest stable release
  • Edge - Latest stable release
  • Firefox - Latest stable release

Other Requirements

  • CollaborNation requires JavaScript to function. Turning off JavaScript in your browser (or blocking it by means of an extension or add-on) will prevent the site from working properly.
  • CollaborNation requires Cookies for the purpose of session management. Disabling cookies will prevent you from being able to successfully login and traverse the site.


To assist in troubleshooting any problems you might encounter, our support team will need some information about the browser and platform you are using to reach the site. To gather this information, click the following link:

Once on the Support Details page, you can fill in your name and email address in the fields at the top (our address is already filled in) and click Send Email to email a summary to our support team.