We have worked really hard here at CypherWorx to be an IACET Accredited Provider, and we are extremely proud of the quality training that we develop for organizations to help strengthen your teams and award CEUs.

To further strengthen the training offered in the site, we are now able to allow external accreditation providers to offer training and award CEUs directly in our platform.

What is an external Accreditation Provider?

When we became an IACET Accredited Provider, we needed to pass a rigorous accreditation process to ensure our organization has thorough processes and routines to always be providing high quality training to others.

An external Accredited Provider is any Accredited Provider that isn't CypherWorx. You can view IACET's Accredited Providers List to see all organizations who have earned this status.

How can I become an Accredited Provider in CollaborNation?

If you are an organization or individual who would like to offer your training on our platform, and be the accrediting body to award certificates, simply reach out to us

Please provide to us: 

  1. Your Certificate of Accreditation link
    • With your certificate, we can verify that you are allowed to award CEUs and are an Accredited Provider. 
    • As an example, our certificate link can be found at https://www.iacet.org/ap/105369/ 
    • From the Certificate of Accreditation link, we will be able to pull the following fields. If they are not on the certificate, please provide them separately.
      • Name of the Accredited Provider
      • Your address
      • Your Accreditation End Date
      • Your Accreditation Number
  2. A logo of your organization.
    • This will appear on learner transcripts to show that you are the Accrediting Provider.
  3. A background color for the logo
    • Only used on the transcript for aesthetic purposes.

If the logo and background color cannot be provider, just let us know. We may be able to find the logo and color ourselves from your website.

A CypherWorx representative will confirm they received your request and work with you to give access as an Accredited Provider.

How can I renew in CollaborNation?

Your IACET Accredited Provider status only lasts a certain amount of time, most often 4 years. To ensure that your organization is still verified as an Accredited Provider, we will need you to request a renewal when you renew your provider status. Simply contact us again and provide a link to your Certificate of Accreditation. We'll verify that your status is still maintained and update you in our system.

Creating customized certificates

As an Accredited Provider, you have the ability to create your own certificates. When you go to the Certificates administrative page, you will now be able to go to Accreditation Certificate Manager.

There are two types of certificates:

  • Site Certificates: General certificates that cannot award CEUs.
  • Accredited Provider Certificates: Certificates created and maintained by the Accredited Provider that can award CEUs.

You can create certificates the same way The Accreditation Certificate Manager works the same as the regular Site Certificate Manager. The only difference is you have the ability to add the CEUs Earned on the certificate.

As an Accredited Provider, please remember that you must include the IACET logo, CEUs Earned, and signature of the authorizor on each certificate, as per IACET regulations.

After the certificate is created, you can either set it as the default for the entire site, or assign it to individual courses. If you assign it to individual courses, you will see the CEUs Possible column to let you know if the course can actually award CEUs, as not all courses created may award CEUs.

Awarding CEUs for Events

Events allows teams to hold live training sessions, either in-person or remotely online.

As an Accredited Provider, you now have the ability to award CEUs for training sessions that you host in Events. Simply toggle Award CEUs to On so on completion of the Event, your attendees will earn CEUs. 

Note: You can only select the Accreditation Provider Certificates (which displays the CEUs) when Award CEUs is set to On

If Award CEUs is set to Off, you will only be able to select from the Site Certificates list.

If you create an Event that awards CEUs, you must also set the Event to allow feedback, as this is an IACET requirement. You must allow feedback on an Event to award CEUs.

For attendees to leave feedback, they must be graded in After-Event Reporting

The Event Category must be either: 

  • Instructor-Led Classroom Training Event
  • Instructor-Led Online Training Event

Feedback cannot be left for Non-Training Events.

Once the attendee is marked as attending, they can then leave feedback by clicking on the Give Feedback link on their My Courses page.

View Event Feedback

As an administrator you can view attendee feedback for Events. To do so, go to Admin Tools and click on Event Feedback under Reporting.

You will then see a list of events that allow feedback.

Clicking on the Total Feedback button for the Event will display individual responses. 

From the main Event Feedback page, if you click on Bulk Event Feedback you will see all feedback left for all events.

Manage Course CEUs

Accredited Providers have the ability to determine which courses can allow CEUs. To do so, go to Admin Tools, then Catalog Management under the Catalog section.

For each course, you can toggle to allow CEUs. This gives you granular control over which courses should award CEUs upon completion. 

If a course does not award CEUs, it will display "NA" for not applicable. 

If you would like to allow CEUs for all courses, click the toggle for CEUs Allowed under the Default States section.

If a course does not have CEUs enabled, then the learner will not receive CEUs for that training anywhere throughout the site. This includes on their transcript, within reporting, on the course page, the learner's My Courses page, etc.

Allow CEUs for Create-A-Course

Create-A-Courses can also award CEUs upon completion. When publishing your course, you will have the option to Award CEUs and select a certificate.

Similar to Events, to award Accredited Certificates, you must first enable CEUs.