In order to save notes in an OSTPD course and on the Activity PDF, you need to be aware that:

If someone is adding information to the PDF document, the attachment must be downloaded to the desktop and saved before you can type notes into them.

In addition, the second area where you can take notes is directly on the course. However, you have to give the notes time to save. It will flash (not a huge flash, a subtle one) and then when you open the course again, you'll see the notes. I'd suggest that your employees take a quick note on the first slide, save the note, then click out and click back in to reassure themselves that the note saved and to make sure they waited long enough for the notes to save. Here is a image of the notes section on the course.

There are also two other options, the print option and the email option. If they select the email option, it will automatically email the notes they took in this section to them via the email address they set up within our system. A sample of that email is below.