Note sent from Keely Perdue on 3/14/17.

Good afternoon,

As an employee of Good Neighbor Community Services or its affiliated companies, we ask that you maintain a current email address so that we can keep you up to date on company happenings, professional opportunities, regulatory updates, and training requirements.  We are always striving to use technology in a way that eases communication and improves efficiency.  To that end, we have successfully integrated Paylocity (our HR System) and CypherWorx (our electronic learning management system).  What this means to you, as an employee, is:

  1. If your email in CypherWorx and Paylocity were already the same, you will see no impact
  2. This will in no way impact how you log into Paylocity.  That process, your user ID and password will remain the same for all users.
  3. If you were using a separate email in Paylocity and Cypherworx then you MUST choose one and make sure it is updated in Paylocity.  Going forward, the email entered into Paylocity is the only email either system will be able to recognize.  The instructions for how to update an email address for are:
    1. Log into Paylocity/WebPay
    2. Select Employee Info
    3. Under Personal information on the far right, enter a valid email address

Once you update your email address in Paylocity, please allow 24 hours for the change to take effect in CypherWorx.  The updated email address will become your login for CypherWorx.  Your password will remain the same.  

Please make sure you have the correct, active email address updated in Paylocity no later than Friday, March 24, 2017. Failure to update your email address, if needed, by this date could result in a loss of training data requiring you to attend current trainings before being allowed to return to your scheduled shift.

If you experience any issues at all logging in, please remember your first step is always to reach out to your immediate supervisor.  Accounts may experience service disruption during any time period that the email address in Paylocity and the email address in CypherWorx do not match.

Please let your supervisor know if you have any questions during this process.