Here is the information we received from the Kentucky Registry on how to upload a course to the ECE-TRIS system. The registry said that folks are to submit their ECE-TRIS Individual Training form along with copies of certificates.


Click here to download the: ECE-TRIS Individual Training Form


Please submit this form when no ECE-TRIS Sign-in Sheets are used to capture your participation. Typically these would be for trainings not conducted by a Kentucky ECE Credentialed Trainer. These would include Online, Face to Face, In State or Out of State Conferences, that have been Pre-Approved by DCC 30 days prior to the  event. These are found in our Calendar area at the following link: Follow the instructions provided on the form and include additional documentation as requested. Please note, not all online trainings by any given agency are approved for all time. 


NOTE: Some of these courses are CDA trainings through a collaboration with Save the Children and those are to be reported to ECE-TRIS monthly.  Others are self-reported using the Individual Training Form along with a copy of your certificate.