Here is the information we received from the Kentucky Registry on how to upload a course to the ECE-TRIS system.

The registry said that folks are to submit our ECE-TRIS Individual Training Form along with copies of certificates.


ECE-TRIS Individual Training Form


Please submit this form when no ECE-TRIS Sign-in Sheets are used to capture your participation. Typically these would be for trainings not conducted by a Kentucky ECE Credentialed Trainer. These would include Online, Face to Face, In State or Out of State Conferences, that have been Pre-Approved by DCC 30 days prior to the  event. These are found in our Calendar area at the following link: Follow the instructions provided on the form and include additional documentation as requested. Please note, not all online trainings by any given agency are approved for all time. 


Refer to the Calendar/Approved Trainings area on our website to see how credit is reported to us via the field Credit Process.



Some are CDA trainings through a collaboration with Save the Children and those are to be reported to us monthly. 


Others are self-reported using the ITF form/copy certificate mentioned below.