CollaborNation offers a handful of ways to assign courses to your learners to ensure they take the proper training. Courses can be assigned by site administrators and reporting group administrators.

Create Assignments

The simplest way to assign courses to your learners is by going to Admin Tools and then Course Assignment. This page allows you to assign courses to learners immediately.

Step 1: Select Training

First select the training you would like to assign to your learners.

Step 2: Select Learners

Next select the learners you'd like to assign courses to. The table will show if their account is Active (they can login and use the site) and a link to their Transcript for a simple way to see what courses they have. There are buttons to "Select All Learners" or "Select Active Only" to make it easier to select a large number of learners.

You can also filter learners by Reporting Groups, which makes it simpler to assign courses to specific groups, such as Departments.

Learners in lets you select how to display the overlapping results of the report.

  • Any group selected returns all learners in all selected groups.
  • Every group selected only returns the learners who appear in all selected groups.

This can be visualized with the following diagram. 

Let's use the following example to illustrate this.

Reporting Group A
Reporting Group B
Adam Summers
Adam Summers
Brandy Hailey
Brandy Hailey
Cynthia Clifton
Robert Beckett
Diane McCauley
Teresa Kinsey

You would receive the following results.

Any Group Selected
Every Group Selected
Adam Summers
Adam Summers
Brandy Hailey
Brandy Hailey
Cynthia Clifton

Diane McCauley

Robert Beckett

Teresa Kinsey

Step 4: Create Assignments

Once the courses are set up you'll have a chance to review the assignments. This step lets you do a final review of all individual courses that will be assigned, along with options to remove assignments individually by clicking the Remove button. 

If the learner already has the course in their account, the site will alert you that there are duplicate courses. If you'd like to assign duplicate courses (which can be viewed in the next screen) click on Yes (Assign Duplicates). If you would not like to assign duplicates, click on No. Duplicates can also be removed individually in the final step.

Any courses that are duplicates will have [Duplicate] at the beginning of the course title with the text in red. If you click on the Course Title heading you can sort all duplicate assignments together if you would like to review them all together.


You have the ability to set deadlines on the assignments, which is a date the user must complete the course by before it expires. Courses must be completed before it expires.

Deadlines can be set two ways:

  1. Date: A hard date is entered that the user must complete the course by.
  2. Time frame: You can enter how many days, weeks, months, or years learners have to complete the course. The end date will display to the right.

Send email notifications to learners 

You have the option to immediately notify your learners of any course assignments, which will send an email alerting them of the courses they were just assigned. 

  • To send email notifications check the "Send Email Notifications to Learns" field.
  • If you'd like to send a custom message, check the "Use Custom Message" field which will then let you enter in your own personalized email. 

When entering a custom message you have the ability to use variables generated by the site automatically. This can be viewed under the Message Tips dropdown.

  • You may include links to our support site ( or our support line (888-685-4440).
  • Use the variable [user:name] to include the learner's real name.
  • Use the variable [user:mail] to include the learner's email address.
  • Use the variable [assignment:course] to include the title of assigned courses.
  • Use the variable [site:url] to include the login URL to your site.
  • Use the variable [site:name] to include the name of your s