All courses assigned in the site can be reviewed on the Review Assignments page.

  • Assigned By: The person who assigned a course. This links to the person's user page. This can be site administrators or reporting group administrators.
  • Assigned To: The learner who received the course assignment.
  • Assignment Date/Time: The date and time that the course was assigned to the learner.
  • Individual Report: This links to the learner's report of that individual course, giving them the ability to see if learner's status on the course.
  • Deadline: Displays when the course expires if there is a deadline. This can be updated on this page.
  • Remove Assignment: Removing a course hides the course in the learner's account. This course will display in reporting as having been removed.

All assigned training can be exported as a CSV, giving you all control if you wanted to generate your own reports.

Clicking on "Want to remind someone?" will take you to custom notification, where you can send out messages to your learners.