A survey is a flexible, quantitative research tool that allows administrators to collect data from learners in a cost effective way.

As an administrator you may create a Survey that is simple as a stand alone topic, or you may get creative and combine them with Learning Paths to create complex training scenarios. For example, you may create a Learning Path that looks like:

  1. Step 1 is a pre-training Survey to gain insight into their initial thoughts on a topic.
  2. Step 2 (and any additional steps you would like) is the training you would like your learners to participate in.
  3. The final step would be a post-training Survey so that you will see how the training influenced their thoughts.

Creating a Survey

To create a survey, as an administrator go to Admin Tools > Create Training > Surveys. Then click on Create New.

The Admin Tools page showing the Surveys button in the Create Training section.

The initial Surveys page with a Create New button in the top right corner.

Here you can create and manage your survey. 

  • Title: Enter the name of your survey. 
  • Catalog Description: This is text that the learner will see if they access they survey from the Course Catalog or from within a Learning Path.
  • Instructions: Enter in instructions that your learners will see when they take the survey.
  • Completion page text: Customize the message your learners see when they complete the survey.
  • Survey Image: Customize the image that will be used within the Course Catalog or on the learner's My Courses page.
  • Catalogs: Choose which catalogs this survey may appear within.
  • Anonymous Responses: Indicates whether administrators may view the names of individuals within Reporting. By creating a survey with anonymous responses learners are more open to speak freely about a given topic.

Example Create a New Survey page listing the fields mentioned previously.


Once a survey has been created you must create questions for the learner to respond. We offer many types of questions that allow you to customize  the survey to your needs. You may even edit and reorder questions once they have been created.

Survey questions page that lists each individual question and buttons to move them up or down, or to remove them from the survey.

Survey Details

From the details page you may quickly access the main questions page, view submissions in reporting, edit details, or assign the survey to individuals.

Survey details admin page which provides quick access to actions such as changing questions, viewing submissions, editing details, or survey assignment.

Cloning Surveys

From the main Surveys landing page you may easily clone a survey to create a second copy of the survey. This is great ideal for creating a pre and post training survey that uses the same questions, or to create new surveys for use with other training.

The main surveys landing page that shows that there is a clone button associated with each survey.

Sharing Surveys

Similar to Assessments, Surveys allow you to create a shareable URL that can be easily emailed to individuals so that they may obtain it that way. This simplifies the process of an individual getting it themselves.

The share survey dialog which shows how easy it is to copy the link to the individual survey.