Classrooms allow you to organize your learners into relevant groups to easily manage and customize their learning experiences. Classrooms contain private Events, Discussions, and Resources that only members can access. 

Create a Classroom

To create a Classroom, go to Classrooms, then click on Create Classroom.

Classroom Details

  • Name: Enter the name of the classroom.
  • Description: A description of the classroom .
  • Color: Select a color to represent this classroom. The color will appear in a few places, including in the classroom list next to its name, and also as the primary color for Events created within the classroom. If you hover over the color, it will display its value as a hexadecimal value, for example #0069aa.
  • Set Classroom as Active? If the classroom is active, classroom members can see and participate in it. If set to inactive, only Classroom Managers and Administrators can view it. Inactive classrooms give administrators the opportunity to review it without anyone participating in it.
  • Joining: Allows you to set how learners can join. 
    • Hidden: Members can only be added by Administrators or Classroom Managers. It is not listed on the Classrooms page.
    • By Request: Learners can view the classroom on the Classrooms page, but they must request access to join.
    • Open: The classroom is listed on the Classrooms page and the learner can join it without needing approval.
  • Reporting Group? If set to Yes, the Classroom will appear as a Reporting Group. You can then manage settings from the Reporting Groups page, such as adding and removing members, assigning courses, and to have this classroom appear in Reporting filters.
  • Bypass Archive? Prevents this classroom from being archived regardless of any archive settings in Site Building. By default nothing gets archived unless explicitly set by an administrator.

Social Features

This section allows you to control which social features to appear within the classroom.

  • Discussions
    • Discussions disabled.
    • Only Classroom Managers and Administrators can create new discussion topics.
    • Any classroom member can create new discussion topics.
  • Events
    • Events disabled.
    • Only Classroom Managers and Administrators can create new events.
    • Any classroom member can create new events.
  • Resources
    • Resources disabled.
    • Only Classroom Managers and Administrators can create new resources.
    • Any classroom member can create new resources.

Viewing a Classroom

With the classroom created, you will see its details at the top of its page. 

  • Classroom Name
  • Classroom Color
  • Number of Members
  • Classroom Joining Method: Open, Hidden, or By Request
  • Classroom Status: Active or Inactive
  • Classroom Description

You will then see the classroom's event calendar.

At the bottom of the page you will then see the Classroom Roster, as well as some buttons.