When creating a classroom, you have the option to set up the classroom as a Reporting Group. In doing so, you would give this classroom more capabilities that are typically only found in Reporting Groups.

Your classroom will now appear in Reporting Groups under a new section called Classroom-Based Groups. You can now manage Classrooms right within Reporting Groups.

Unless your organization prefers to not have classrooms appear on the Reporting Groups page, we recommend always having classrooms set up as Reporting Groups. It gives your organization more capability and flexibility in administering your learners.

The classroom will now also appear everywhere you are able to filter by Reporting Groups. This includes Reporting and Course Assignments.

Editing from Reporting Groups Page

Although this functions similarly to normal Reporting Groups, there are some differences. The Edit buttons from the Reporting Group page does not function the exact same as with Reporting Groups.

Clicking on Edit next to "Currently Selected Group" will take you to the Edit Classroom Settings page.

Clicking on Edit next to "Classroom Members" will take you to the Edit Classroom Membership page.

And finally, clicking on Edit next to "Classroom Course Assignments" will take you to the Course Assignments page.

What You Can't Do with Classroom-Based Reporting Groups

Although most functionality in Reporting Groups can be replicated in Classroom-Based Reporting Groups, there are a few differences. 

  • You cannot have subgroups with classrooms.
  • You cannot add Reporting Group Managers and Admins. Instead you can add Classroom Managers and Members.