Viewing Notifications

You may be notified of activity happening in the site. A notification will appear on the bell icon. If you click on the icon, a dropdown will appear showing the most recent notifications.

Clicking on the Mark All as Read button or on the 'X' in the box itself will mark the notification as read. 

If you click on the View All link, you will be taken to the Notifications page which lists all notifications you have received along with the date you received it.

Notification Settings

Learners have the ability to update their email preferences on the Notification Settings page. This can be accessed by clicking on the Bell icon, then the Settings gear.

Clicking on Select All will opt you into every notification, while Unselect All will remove you from all notifications. 

If a checkbox is greyed out, it means that the administrator of your site has locked that notification, preventing you from changing it.

Push Notifications

If enabled, Push Notifications allows you to receive notifications on mobile devices and as a window in the corner of your desktop. Once you click on Enable Notifications, a confirmation prompt will appear asking if you are sure you would like to receive notifications. This may appear differently for each browser. 

Notification Sound: Toggle this option if you would like to receive a chime anytime you receive a notification.

Course Notifications

This portion allows you to toggle receiving notifications for actions on the site pertaining courses. If a checkbox is greyed out and cannot be toggled, an administrator of your organization has locked it to prevent you from changing it. Please contact your organization's administrator if you would like to change this.

  • Additional Training: Get notified when an Additional Training record you submitted gets processed by an admin.
  • Course Assignment: Get notified when you are assigned a course.
  • Course Completion: Get notified when you complete a course.
  • Expiration Date: You may have a course that needs to be completed by a certain date. If checked, you will receive notifications reminding you that the deadline is approaching.

Commonly Asked Questions

I'm not receiving push notifications. How come?

Your firewall may be blocking notifications from reaching you. Please whitelist the following to ensure push notifications are delivered:

  • *

Also please see Apple's article about receiving push notifications on Apple devices.

I try to enable push notifications but I receive the message, "Notifications denied by browser settings." How come?

Push notifications sent through the site must also be allowed by your browser. If your browser is blocking notifications then you won't be able to receive the push notifications.

If you would like to enable push notifications in Chrome and Firefox, go to the lock icon in your browser's address bar and under Permissions change the Notifications permission to Allow. 

In Safari you can enable desktop notifications by selecting "Safari" from the browser's header, then "Preferences," then "Notifications." In the notifications tab you will want to find in the list of websites and select "Allow."

You may also receive this message if you browser is in private browsing, such as incognito mode on Chrome. Browsers do not allow push notifications when in private browsing. Please exit the private browsing and visit the site in a regular window to receive push notifications.