Subgroups can be created to categorize like groups and have a hierarchical format. There is no limit to how many subgroups are created, and subgroups can be changed and moved around afterwards too. This offers a level of flexibility that gives organizations the ability to set up groups in a wide variety of ways such as displaying the locations of an organization (which we'll be using for this example).

To create a subgroup, go to Reporting Groups and select an already created group. Under Subgroups select Add Subgroup.

Type in the Subgroup's name and description (optional), click on Create Group.

You can create as many subgroups as you'd like, and also as many subgroups of subgroups. Settings made to the parent group will also be applied to the subgroups.

  • Course assignment set up on a parent group will also be assigned to all subgroups.
  • Administrators or Managers set on parent groups will also have the same access to all subgroups.