A powerful ability CollaborNation offers is that administrators have the ability to automatically place employees into Reporting Groups on registration. This gives administrators a level of automation to save time and worry less about actually administrating your site. 


There are a handful of reasons why you may want to set this up.

  • You may want to collect more information from your employees, so you'd like to collect it on registration.
  • You would like to take some administrative burden off your hands.
  • You would like to automatically assign courses to people if they belong to a certain department as soon as they register.

To set this up, follow these steps.

  1. Create Reporting Groups
  2. Create an Additional Registration Information field. For Field Type select User Group, then select your Reporting Groups.
  3. When employees register into your site they will be asked to complete the Additional Registration Information field.
  4. The employee will be placed in the Reporting Group and have access to the site. 

Some other fun combinations to note:

  • You can assign courses automatically when people are added to Reporting Groups. The employees can select the department they belong to, then get the exact training they need for that department. This can be done without administrators managing assigning individual courses.
  • You can add learners to Reporting Groups immediately when creating learners individually or in batches. This saves a few extra steps.
  • This can also be tied with File Transfer where when files are sent to CypherWorx, learners will automatically be placed into the correct Reporting Group.
  • Being in Reporting Groups you'll be able to pull Reports of them as a group, and also assign courses to the entirety of its members.