It's possible to set up Reporting Groups so when a learner is added to a group, a course will automatically be assigned to them. This can be helpful for automatically assign courses if your organization has a large number of employees. It's also nice to be able to set it up once and know that your employees have the training that they need automatically.

To set this up, go to Reporting Groups, select a group then under Course Assignments click on Edit.

On this page you can select any courses you would like to automatically assign to members in the group. There are two options:

  • All: The course will be assigned to all current members, and also to new members added in the future.
  • New Only: Current members will not receive the course, but it will be assigned to any future new members.
  • Recent Hires: The course will be assigned to all members who have joined your organization recently. The default interval for a recent hire is 1 week but you may change that going to the top most group in the folder structure (the one that says your organization's name) and then edit the Recent Hire Threshold.

Once you've set this up how you'd like, click on Save Changes.

You can see from a glance the courses set up on the group page. Clicking on Edit lets you update the assignments.

You will see the current course assignments that are made directly in the group.

Once the assignments are set up, changing an assignment to 'None' will remove the assignment, but will not take the course away from group members who have already received it. This is also why you cannot change an assignment from 'All' to 'New Only' — It would have no effect, since all current members of the group would already have received the course.