Aside from offering hundreds of courses already in CollaborNation, we can also make any courses you've created available in your site. Courses can be created in a multitude of ways, and if you're just getting started we recommend using authoring software. Using authoring software makes it simpler to focus more on the content of the course rather than how to create it. As CollaborNation is built for SCORM courses, the authoring tools will need to be able to publish as a SCORM course. If you're unfamiliar with SCORM we recommend you to read our article on SCORM.

Here are some popular authoring tools that we recommend:

Adding your custom courses to your site

Once your course has been created please contact us to add the course to your site. We'll work with you closely to add it to your site. Courses should be sent as a zip file and can be delivered to us any way you'd like. We also offer the option to set up a secure location to share the course files. 

Please fill out the attached document (Client Couse Info Sheet.pdf) for each course sent to us so we have the proper course information. Please provide the following information:

  • Course title
  • Description
  • Course length
  • Is there a quiz? If so the quiz score to pass.
  • Does the course award a certificate upon completion?
  • Do you have a course image for people to see before taking the course? This would need to be provided as 400px wide by 300px height.
  • Categories (optional)
  • Comments (optional)
  • Are there any prerequisites? If so, please provide those requirements.

If you want to test the course out before sending it to us, we recommend testing the course in SCORM Cloud. CollaborNation uses the same framework as SCORM Cloud to deliver courses, so if your course works in SCORM Cloud it will work in our site.

HTML5 vs. Flash

If you have an older course, it may have been built in Flash. If this is the case, we cannot import your course as Adobe ended support of flash as of 2020. All modern browsers have also dropped support of Flash, so the course will not run for any of your learners. As such, all courses should be delivered to us as HTML5.