Assessments allow you to uncover learning needs and gaps, and then use those results to develop individualized training plans for each learner in your organization.


With assessments you create a list of questions and sort them into competencies, focused on what you want to discover about your learners. Scores can be applied and adjusted for each competency, which you can then use to create individualized training plans for each learner.


  • Wondering if a potential new employee is suited to your organization? An assessment can help to determine if they fit, in terms of criteria such as skill set and company culture.
  • Use assessments to identify knowledge gaps for existing staff. For example, you can evaluate a learner's understanding of your harassment policy, and, if they score low on the assessment, automatically assign a harassment prevention training module.
  • Assessments can also be used to standardize and simplify your organization's performance review process, automatically assigning courses to learners based on their results.


Create New Assessment

Go to Admin Settings, then Assessments. Then click on Create New Assessment. You can enter the following fields:

  • Title: The title of the assessment as how it appears in the site.
  • Description: If desired a description of the assessment.
  • Randomize Questions: If yes the questions will be presented to your learners in a randomized order.
  • Grade Ranges: This section lets you define the failing, pending, and passing ranges of the overall assessment. If you do not want a pending state you can drag the sliders to remove the pending range. 
  • Courses: If desired, you can assign courses to your learners immediately upon their completion of the assessment. This can be set based on each individual grade ranges: failure, pending, and passing.

Create a Competency

Once you've created the overall assessment, you will then be asked to create competencies. A competency is a category of skills your employee may require for their job. Simply add the title of the competency. If desired, you can change the grade range and assign courses if the learner has passed/failed the individual competency.

You can create as many competencies as you like.

Add Questions

Once you create competencies you can then add questions to it. 

  • Question: The question as it will appear to your learners.
  • Competency: Select the competency the question applies to. Each question can be applied to one competency.
  • Weight: Mark if a question is of higher or lower important to your organization. The higher the importance of the question the larger that question is weighted in the grading of the learner. 
  • Answers: You can add as many answer options as you like by clicking the Add Answer button. You can mark multiple answers as correct. Clicking the X removes the answer.

Managing Assessments

From the main assessment page you have the ability to select the Competencies, Questions, or Submissions of an individual assessment.

The Competencies page lists all the competencies for the assessment. If the questions aren't randomized, you can move the order of the competencies so it appears to your learners in a different order when they are taking the assessment. 

Clicking on an individual assessment shows details about the assessment. You can update the title, grade range, courses, and questions tied to the assessment.

Clicking on Questions displays all questions that have been created for the assessment. Clicking on individual questions will let you edit the individual question.

Sharing and Assigning Assessments

There are a few ways to make the assessment available for your learners to take. Going back to the Assessment Catalog lets you Assign or Share the assessment.

Clicking Assign let's you select the individual learners to give the assessment. This only lets you assign to learners who are in your site.

Simply select the individuals who you would like to send the assessment to. You also have the ability to filter on Reporting Groups, or assign to all learners or only active learners. From there you have the chance to review the assignment and the option to send an email notifying the learners the assessment was assigned to them. Admins also have the ability to enter their own custom email.

Clicking on Share will give you a link that you can send to anyone, whether they're in the site or not. When a learner goes to this page, it will ask them to either login or create a new account. As soon as they log in or create an account they will immediately start taking the assessment.

Assessments can also be assigned automatically when a learner is added to a Reporting Group. To see more, please read the article on setting up assignments in Reporting Groups.


You can view all submissions in the Reporting pages. In the top menu is a page specifically for all assessments.

Clicking on the assessment name will show you details on the assessment along with everyone who has taken the assessment.

Clicking on the person's Completion Date will display details of their individual assessment attempt. It will show how they graded for the overall assessment, along with each individual question.