SkillPaths℠are pre-made and customizable Learning Paths, handcrafted by CypherWorx to make it easy for your team to launch educational pathways and programs quickly. 

Since our courses adhere to state and federal standards, you can trust they're always up-to-date and relevant, saving you from concerns about outdated or irrelevant content.

Viewing SkillPaths℠

SkillPaths℠ will automatically appear in your site. To view them, go to Admin Tools, then click on Learning Paths.

You will see the SkillPaths℠ automatically added into your site. They are often labeled as SkillPaths℠, both in the image and in the title of the pathway.

Editing SkillPaths℠

SkillPaths℠ are templates that CypherWorx made available for your team. There are two ways you can use these templates:

  • You can use these pathways as is without making any changes.
  • You can customize these pathways to meet your team's needs.

If you would like to customize them, simply go to Learning Paths , find the SkillPath℠ you would like to use, and click on Edit.

Since they are standard Learning Paths in your site, you may also refer to our support article on Learning Paths for more details. 

There are a few ways to edit these Learning Paths. If you click on the Edit Details button at the top of the page, you are able to customize overall details on the SkillPath℠.

On this page, you can update:

  • Title
  • Description
  • Image
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Completion Order: Either "In Order" or "Any Order"
  • Set a deadline
  • Categories Available: If you select a category to add the Learning Path to, it will then appear on your Course Catalog page publicly, so all learners in your site will be able to add it to their own account.

Updating Steps

SkillPaths℠ have courses added in Steps. You have the option of editing these steps. Simply find the step, and click on Edit Step.

There are a few ways to edit steps. You can update:

  • Title of the step
  • Instructions of the step
  • Remove courses within the step: Simply click on the Delete button for the item.
  • Update completion restrictions
  • Add new items

To add an item, click on Add Items at the bottom of the page. You will then have the option to not include other courses, either created by CypherWorx or your team, but also other training types, such as:

  • Additional Training
  • Assessments
  • Courses
  • Credential Documents
  • Discussions
  • Events
  • Resources
  • Surveys
  • Tags
  • Topics

When you've finished making your changes, click on Save.

If you would like to add steps, on the main Learning Paths page, click on the Add Step button. You will follow the same prompts to create a new step similar to editing a current step.

When you've finished making your updates, please make sure to click on the Save button on the main Learning Path page.

Assign SkillPaths℠

You are able to offer SkillPaths℠ tot he main Learning Paths page, find the pathway and click on Assign

You will then be taken to our standard Course Assignment page. Please select who you would like to assign the pathway to. If you use Reporting Groups, you can also filter by your groups.

Alternatively, you can go to Admin Tools > Course Assignment to assign these pathways too.

Delete SkillPaths℠

Administrators have the ability to delete SkillPaths℠. On the main Learning Paths page, find the pathway and click on the X button to delete it. 

The Learning Path will no longer appear on this page and can no longer be assignable via Course Assignments. Please note that anyone who currently has the pathway will still have it and can continue to take it. If someone has the pathway, it will also still appear in Reporting.

What if I don't see SkillPaths℠?

SkillPaths℠ are available to nearly all of our customers. Please see our SkillPaths℠ page to see which pathways are available. If you believe you should see pathways, but don't, please reach out to us so that our team can assist!