Credential Documents allows people to submit documents such as certifications and licenses to be processed by the system. 

Although similar to Additional Training, there are some primary differences between the two. 

  1. Credential documents are non-training tasks, such as having someone upload a driver's license as a document.
  2. A document is required to be attached. 
  3. Credential Documents must have an Issue Date. 
  4. You may set an optional expiration date for the document.

Credential Documents can be found in two locations.

1. Go to the profile menu, located in the upper right of every page. Learners have access to this page to submit their documents here as well.

2. In Admin Tools go to Submitted Records > Credential Documents.

Add a New Document 

Administrators can go to Credential Documents to submit a new document. You will be asked to submit: 

  • Learner: By default your name appears. As an administrator, you can submit documents on behalf of other learners in the site. 
  • Title: The name of the document. 
  • Credential Document: Attach the completed PDF to be processed. 
  • Issue Date: When was the certification issued. 
  • Label: This is a field that can be customized by administrators. If set, you can tie this as a requirement for Credential Management.
  • Provider: The organization or individual who issued the credential. 
  • Clock Hours: The amount of time it took to complete the training, in hours. 
  • Description: You may submit a description of the credential document. 
  • Lesson Status: The status of the credential. It can be Passed, Completed, Incomplete, Not Attempted, Failed, or Not Applicable. 

If an administrator submitted this document, it will automatically be approved.

Approve Learner Submitted Documents

If a learner submitted the credential document, it will send a notification to administrators who will then approve or decline it.

To approve of a submitted document, go to Credential Documents. At the top of the page will be a section for Pending Records.

Take the time to review the submission. You can then Approve or Decline the submission. You can optionally leave an explanation under the Justification section.

At the bottom of the page you can view all submitted documents.