Webhooks allow automated messages to be sent when something happens. Webhooks provides realtime communication of LMS events to be sent to other systems by POSTing data to a specified URL. 

Webhook functionality is new with CypherWorx, and we will continue to expand its functionality. If you are interested in using webhooks, please contact us so we can get you started.

Once a CypherWorx representative has given your organization access to webhooks, to administer it go to Admin Tools > Integrations > Webhooks.

You will see all webhooks that your system has set up. To add a new webhook, click on the "Add Webhook" button.

Next you can create the webhook itself.

  • Webhook Type: Select the action that will trigger the webhook.
    • Course Completion: As soon as an eLearning course is completed in your LMS, we will POST their completion to the URL provided. Currently we only support course completions, but will continue to add more functionality.
  • Webhook URL: Enter the URL that you would like the webhook to POST data to. Please include the protocol, for example "http://" or "https://" as well.
  • Webhook Enabled: If set to on, the webhook will POST data. If set to off, the webhook will not POST data.

Now that it's set up, any time the webhook action is triggered, it will POST the data to the URL provided.

               "New York"
            "Job Title":[
               "New York",
         "title":"Bloodborne Pathogens",