Interested in partnering with CypherWorx? We offer the ability for a revenue share with transactions purchased in your site. 

Revenue shares is a new offering of CypherWorx and as such there are some requirements concerning how it works. 

  • Revenue share currently only works with courses purchased in the site. It does not get applied to memberships that are purchased. 
  • The share is split for all courses in the site. There isn't a way to split revenue based on specific courses.
  • Currently revenue share is only offered if the client has a PayPal Account.

If you're interested, please contact us to speak to a representative.

Setting Up PayPal Account

Currently CypherWorx only offers revenue shares for clients who have a PayPal account. To accept a revenue share, there are some steps required to be made for your organization's PayPal account.

  1. Sign up for PayPal Payments Pro and ensure that the account can accept money within your bank account. Please refer to their pricing page concerning costs.
  2. Sign up for the Payflow API. You will need to sign up for Payflow Pro specifically. Please refer to their pricing page concerning costs.
  3. Ensure that the Payflow API is configured to use the bank account configured for Payments Pro. You may need to talk to PayPal's support, otherwise it may be automatically configured for Nashville, their default option.
  4. In the PayPal Manager, ensure that these services are in the Live / Deployed states in the Service Summary on the home screen.
  5. Make sure the Fraud Protection is configured to ignore frequent, or small payments. We recommend disabling CSC Failure, Total Purchase Price Ceiling, and Total Item Ceiling. These settings may take an hour to process through PayPal.

Connecting PayPal to CollaborNation

Once your account is set up and configured in PayPal, we can then connect it to your CollaborNation site. 

1. Notify CypherWorx that your PayPal account has been created. A CypherWorx representative will update your site to allow revenue share.

2. As a site admin, go to Admin Tools, then Revenue Share.

3. This page will display all transactions made in your site. This will only display transactions starting from when the revenue share was set up. It will not display previous historical data as no revenue share has taken place. In most cases, the first time you come in here should be empty.

Clicking on the transaction ID will display details about that transaction.

4. Going to Update Payment Credentials will allow you to enter your PayPal username and password.

After setting up your account and applying these settings, your PayPal account will then be set up to accept split payments.