As an administrator you have the ability to customize various aspects of the site. Much of the customization of your site can be found in the Site Building page in Admin Settings. Unless stated, these fields can be changed at any point by an administrator.

Site Name: The name of your organization that will appear on the site. This will appear when people are registering into your site, in the site switcher in the upper-right hand of the screen, and in the footer.

Login URL: The URL for logging in and registering to your site. This is currently uneditable. If you'd like to change it please contact us.

Site Color: The main color of your site. This is primarily used as the background color in the header of your site. If you are unsure what color your organization uses you may want to use a color picker browser extension such as ColorZilla for Chrome or Firefox.

Registration Message: Create your own Registration Message that goes out to learners registering for an account. We have some recommendations:

  • Clearing out all of text will reset your message back to default.
  • You may include links to our support site ( or our support line (888-685-4440).
  • Use the variable [user:name] to include the learner's real name.
  • Use the variable [user:mail] to include the learner's email address.

Registration Courses: Administrators can select courses to assign to users automatically on registration. To assign priced courses please contact CypherWorx.

Social Features: Each site has social features that can be enabled or disabled independently. This can be helpful if your organization doesn't want to use these features and would like to keep it simple for your learners to stay focused on what they'll be using the site for. Permissions are limited to the following:

  • Feature disabled
  • Only administrators can create for the feature
  • Anyone can create for the feature