Your organization may want to collect and store additional information about learners when they register into your site. You're able to with Registration Fields. By setting fields, you can ask learner to fill out fields CollaborNation doesn't typically ask for registration, allowing administrators to customize their site to collect any type of information you would like.

Creating a registration field

To create a registration field go to the Registration Fields page in Admin Tools. You can create a new field under Create New Field.

Administrative Interface for showing Add Registration Field.

Field Name: The registration field's label. This will appear when people are registering into your site.

Required: Are your learners required to fill out this field to register. If you make a field required when people are already in your site, the next time they log in they will be required to complete the field.

Display as column in Reporting: Is this information helpful for Reporting purposes? If so then this field will be included as a column header in tables in Reporting that list information of many learners (e.g. All Learners, or Event Invitees/Attendees).

Field Type: The type of data the learner will input or select. There are a few possible types.

  • Free Text: Learners can enter anything they want. 
  • Notification Email: Only email addresses are accepted. Any email that gets sent to the current account will also be sent to this email address. This is helpful for supervisors or if a person has multiple accounts.
  • Reporting Group: Reporting Groups will show up here. On registration a dropdown will appear of the Reporting Groups that were selected. Learners can select one option.
  • Multi-Groups: Reporting Groups will show up here. On registration a checkbox will appear of the Reporting Groups that were selected. Learners can select multiple options.

Editing a registration field

Once a registration field is created, click on Edit to make adjustments. You are able to:

  • Toggle if a field is required
  • Change the selectable groups for user groups
  • Delete the field entirely. This cannot be undone.

On the Registration Fields page you also have the ability to Enable or Disable a field. This lets you keep all the information collected on a field, but your learners will no longer be asked to complete the information. This can be helpful if you want to run reports on this data set, but you no longer need to collect it.

Rearranging the order

You have the ability to change the order of how the fields display when learners register into the site. You can either drag and drop the fields to place them in the correct order, or you can use the arrows to move them a field up or down. 

Registering into the site

When a learner registers into your site there will be a dedicated page where they are asked to fill out these fields. If a field is required then they must enter that information, if it isn't required then they can continue with the registration without completing it. See also our article registering a new account to see the entire flow for registration.

Requiring information after they've created accounts

Maybe you want to collect information on your learners after they've already registered into the site. Maybe you want to make a field required after you noticed that not enough people submitted information that you were looking for. With registration fields it's easy to update. If you make a field required, the next time a learner logs in they will be required to enter the information before continuing. This is a helpful way to ensure you have any information that you need from your learners.