By default, learners need to have accounts created to see the courses available on your site. Now, you have the option to display your catalog publicly, so learners don't need an account to view what they're going to sign up for. 

Since this is a new feature, you must submit a request for a CypherWorx representative to enable it if needed.


Front-facing catalogs include the following features:

  • Your site name will appear at the top.
  • You can filter based on catalog, duration, and training type.
  • You can export the list to PDF or CSV.
  • You can search and adjust the number of entries displayed per page.
  • You have the option to add a description that will appear below the site name.

To view the different options, go to Admin Tools > Public Catalogs.

You will be provided with a few links that you can use.

Link to your page

This option provides a link that you can add to your website, launching the front-facing catalog page that we host. You won't be able to customize its appearance, but it offers a simple way to link to your catalog. Your site's branding and colors will be displayed automatically.

Here is the format of the link:

<a href="">View my training</a>

View an example set up here:

iFrame embed in your site

This option allows you to embed the catalog page directly within your site, so it can appear directly on your website without needing a link. With the iFrame option, you cannot add your own custom styling, unlike with the JavaScript embed.

Here is the format of the iFrame embed:

<iframe src=""></iframe>

View an example of a direct link to the iFrame option here:

JavaScript embed in your site

This option allows you to add JavaScript code to list the front-facing catalog directly on your website. The primary advantage is that you have full flexibility to update the styling of everything on this page. You can customize the appearance of buttons, course images, titles, filtering options, and more.

Here is the format of the JavaScript embed:

<script src=""></script>

Here is the direct link of an example of what the JavaScript output looks like:


Please refer to the table below as an overview of the primary differences between the options.

TypeDescriptionWhen To UseFormatExample URL
Link to your pageThis is a hyperlink that you can add anywhere, such as on your website. It links to a page that we host and will include your site's logo and colors.Use this if you need a simple link to direct people to, without any customization.
<a href="">View my training</a>
iFrame embedded in your siteAdd your catalog listing embedded directly within your website. There isn't an external link, it would appear directly on your website.

You will not be able to add custom styling to the catalog.
If you want to have a webpage with your own custom information, and then display a catalog listing directly on that webpage.
<iframe src=""></iframe>
JavaScript embed in your siteAdd JavaScript code directly to your website. Your website's style will influence this page, and you can add styling to fully control its appearance.Use this if you want full customization and control over its appearance.
<script src=""></script>