Infrequently organizations may require customized reports that CollaborNation's Reporting doesn't provide. If you're interested, please contact us so we can understand what report you're trying to run and how we may be able to help. If it's decided that a custom report is required, creating the On-Demand Data report is billed hourly.

If you're an organization that already has an On-Demand report set up, go to Admin Settings then On-Demand Data

On this page you will see any report that was created for your site.  

Some reports allow you to select a Start and End Date. If these options aren't available, then your report cannot be generated by specifying a time span.

To run the reports:

  1. Click on Show Controls
  2. If a date range is required enter the start and end dates
  3. Click on Run Query

The report that gets generated will let you export to CSV.