As a site administrator, you have the ability to import training records in bulk into your LMS. A few common reasons why you would want to do this: 

  • A course is only available to be taken outside of this LMS, but you want to track all records in our LMS.
  • You are migrating all records from one LMS into ours.

To do so go to Additional Training, then Add Multiple Records.

Prepare your CSV file

Additional Training records can be tied to student accounts by creating a CSV file with their training records and uploading it to your site. Download the CSV Template file on that page. It will have the following columns to fill in.

Field NameRequired?DetailsExample
User EmailRequiredThe email address of the
Course TitleRequiredThe title of the course.CPR Training
Course ProviderRequiredThe name of the organization that is providing the training.American Red Cross
CategoryRequiredThe type of training of the course. This needs to be spelled exactly as listed.
  • Instructor-Led Classroom Training
  • Instructor-Led Online Training
  • E-Learning Course
Instructor-Led Classroom Training
Clock HoursRequiredThe number of hours to complete the course.

This should be listed in hours:
  • 1 hour = 1
  • 30 minutes = 0.5
DescriptionOptionalThe description of the course.This CPR course equips students to recognize and care for a variety of first aid breathing and cardiac emergencies involving adults children and infants.
Completion DateRequiredMust be entered as mm/dd/yyyy.12/01/2022
Lesson StatusRequiredThe status of the course. It must be one of these options.
  • Not Applicable
  • Passed
  • Completed
  • Incomplete
  • Not Attempted
  • Failed

See also: Difference between passed and completed.

GradeOptionalThe grade received upon completing the course. It must be a number or letter, i.e. "90" or "B".100
LabelOptionalLabels are defined by site admins. They may be used to group Additional Training records in Reporting.CPR

CSV file tips

  • CSV files can be edited in Microsoft Excel or a similar spreadsheet application.
  • The first line of the CSV file must be a header, listing the column titles.
  • Use the import template to assure correct formatting
  • Do not add or remove columns. These are required fields.
  • Do not change the order in which the columns appear. When uploading the file it must remain in the same format.
  • You will be unable to upload PDF certificates this way. 

Upload your completed CSV file

When your file is prepared and ready, submit it under the Training Data CSV File field. A file preview will appear, and if there's any formatting that doesn't match these requirements the cell will have a red background, and a text explanation will appear at the top. You will be unable to submit the records until they've been corrected.

To remove a CSV file you have submitted without processing it, click the Clear button.

Once submitted, these records will appear as Approved on the Additional Training page and can be pulled in Reporting.