Clean Up Training allows administrators to clean up training records in a few ways:

  • Bulk remove an expiration date 
  • Bulk adjust expiration dates for requested training

Clean Up Training can be found by going to Site Administration > Manage Training > Clean Up Training.

Step 1 – Select the Training

First select the training you would like to clean up for your learners. Select the training and then click continue once you've made your selection.

The course "Becoming a World Famous Mentor" has been selected.

Step 2 – Select the Learners 

Select the individuals that need this training cleaned up. 

You may use the Filter Learners by Reporting Group feature to make it easier to limit the find just the right learners. 

Once done click continue.

The learner "a@a.a" has been selected to have Training cleaned up.

Step 3 – Select the Filter

Next you will specify the filtering you would like to clean up the training. You may either Expire Training or Remove Training.

Expire Training

Expired training will still appear for learners and within reporting. Once training has been expired, the learner is unable to take the course. 

To expire training, you have to either:

  • Select a date to expire the training, 
  • Or check the box to remove any expiration.

From there you will see additional, non-required filters that let you specify a date range for which the training was created, or where an existing expiration value was set. Additionally there are options to select specific Lesson Status values. 

For your convenience we display a table that indicates which Lesson Status values are possible for Courses, Assessments, and Learning Paths.

The Expire Training interface allowing you to specify what should be set for an expiration date.

Remove Training

Removing training will entirely remove the training from the person's account. The training will not appear for the learner, and it will no longer appear in reporting. 

Only training that is Not Attempted can be removed. As IACET Accredited Providers, we must retain training records for a minimum of 7 years to maintain our compliance, and we do not allow administrators to remove any training that has been attempted.

You have two options for removing the Not Attempted training.

  • Remove the duplicate Not Attempted training, leaving only one version.
  • Remove all Not Attempted training from learners that have started or completed another version of the training.

The Remove Training option selected and a new set of options made available to clarify what should be removed.

Step 4 - Review

Finally you will be taken to a page that lets you review your selection and potentially exclude one some training that you may no longer wish to remove. 

Once you are happy with the selection, click the "Clean Up Training" button.

The bottom of the Clean Up Training button indicating the training that will be removed.