Categories Management is a tool that allows a Site Administrator to create and manage their own site-specific catalogs. The courses in these catalogs come from catalogs already enabled within the site. This may help a site define more specific catalogs for your site that makes it easier for your learners to find the training they need. This feature allows you to create custom categories for all of your courses, including Createa-A-Course.

Accessing Categories Management

The Categories Management feature can be accessed by going to Admin Tools and then Categories Management. 

Access the Categories Management page from the Admin Tools section.Creating / Editing Site-Specific Categories

The main Categories Management page lists the categories already available in the system. If a site-specific category was created there are links next to that category that allow you to Edit Details and Add Courses., In this context Edit Details refers to renaming the Category, and Add Courses refers to choosing the courses that are made available to the category.

A list of categories already available to the site and one custom created catalog.You may create a new category from the Create Category button located in the upper right.

Once created the category will appear in your Course Catalog.

Adding Courses to a Site-Specific Category

From the Add Courses dialog you may choose courses that are already available in the site. You may add a course to the category by checking the box next to the course.

Enabling courses within the site-specific category.