Catalog Management is a tool that allows Site Administrators the ability to enable or disable courses made available to this site from the Catalog. When a course is disabled it will no longer appear within the Course Catalog.

 Accessing Catalog Management

The Catalog Management feature can be accessed by going to Admin Tools and then Catalog Management. 

Access the Catalog Management page from the Admin Tools section.

Enabling / Disabling Courses

Catalog Management will display a list of all courses presently available to your site. There will be a checkbox displayed next to each course. If the box is checked then the course is enabled, while an unchecked box means the course has been disabled.

Sample page displaying enabled courses in a site.To make it easier to find the courses you are looking for you may filter the courses by the available Catalogs in your site, or you may use the Search bar.

Sample catalog selected.

Once changes have been made you must click the Save button to apply your changes.

Save changes now that a course has been disabled by unchecking a box.

Bulk Enabling/Disabling

At the top of the Catalog Management page is a section that lets you apply a default state to every course that is listed below. By default it will apply to the entire site, but if catalog filtering is enabled it will only filter by that catalog. This section will allow you to bulk enable or disable training. Simply check or uncheck the Enabled entry at the top and click the "Apply Default State" button to make the change.

Mass disable courses within the site/catalog by unchecking the Enabled checkbox and click the Apply Default State button.