Administrators have the ability to invite learners to the site. This page lets administrators enter a list of email addresses and send the individuals an email asking them to join the site.

This is different from other ways of adding individuals to your site because their account isn't actually created until they accept the invitation.

  • Email Address(es): Enter a list of email addresses, either on new lines or comma separated. It doesn't matter if there are spaces between the commas or new lines as they will be stripped when the account is created.
  • Permission: Set the permission to either Learner or Admin when they join the site.
  • Invitation Message: Administrators can customize the message that gets sent to the individuals. Clicking on the Message Tips section lets you add variables that automatically gets updated for each individual. The variables includes:
    • Use the variable [user:mail] to include the learner's email address.
    • Use the variable [user:me] to include your name.
    • Use the variable [site:url] to include the login URL to your site.
    • Use the variable [site:name] to include the name of your site.

Once individuals have been invited, they will appear on the Invitations Sent page. This page displays everyone who was invited to join, by whom, when, and their status (either Accepted or Invited).

  • If an individual has not joined the site yet, their status will be Invited and there will be a button to Resend Invitation.
  • If the individual has already joined the site, their status will be Accepted and there will be n/a under Actions.