As an administrator of your site, your learners may come to you asking for help. To help you assist your learners, administrators of the site have the ability to masquerade as individuals to see exactly what they see in their account.

1. Go to Site Members and find the learner you would like to masquerade as. Then click on their profile image to the left to view their profile.

2. You are now viewing the learner's profile page. Under the Admin Links section, click on Masquerade as [Learner's Name].

3. You will be asked to confirm masquerading as this learner. By masquerading, an email will be sent to the learner to let them know that you have logged in as them for transparency. 

4. You will then be logged in as this learner. There will be a confirmation that you are logged in as this learner at the top of the page.

When you want to switch back, you may click on the switch back link in the top notification. Or you may log out of the learner's account.

5. When you've switched back to your account, you will see another notification at the top of the page confirming that you've switched back.