As an administrator, there are many different statuses within CollaborNation. 

  • Active - The learner has access to your site and can take any kind of training.
  • Removed - The learner cannot access your site. Any training that was taken in your site is still available to you within Reporting. The learner may still log in to access their transcript and see a record of their training completion if they need to submit that information elsewhere.
  • Pending - On Site Building - Your site is configured for "Approval Required" and the learner has not yet been approved for access to the site. At this access level they will register for the site and complete all Registration Field questions, but will not have access to the My Courses or the Course Catalog sections. They may fulfill an Assessment if they have access to the share link for the Assessment. 
  • Guest - On Site Building  - Your site is configured to allow for Guest Registration and the learner was given the direct share link for an Assessment, Survey, or an Event (when the site is configured for Front-Facing Events). The learner can then register as a guest, rather than a full member. As a guest they are only asked for their name and email address and may then proceed to take the survey (or assessment, or register for an event). They will not need to fill out any registration field.

Administrators may change the status for an individual from the Site Members page or from the Learner's Edit Profile page.

You may add guest accounts manually using the Add Learner or Bulk Add Learner options. You may choose to do this if you would like to add these lower status learners into an Event for your own record keeping purposes.