As an administrator, you have the ability to download certificates in bulk. To do so, go to Admin Tools > Reporting > Download Certificates.

To generate certificates to download, please follow these steps.

1. Select the learners. You have a few options on selecting learners.

  • You can select people individually.
  • You can select multiple people.
  • You can filter by Reporting Groups
  • You can select everyone by clicking on Select All Learners.
  • You can Select Active Only

Then click Continue.

2. Select the dates to pull completion records from.

  • Enter a start date
  • The end date is pre-populated with today's date, but can be overridden.

3. Click Get Certificates.

It will then generate a table of certificates that were awarded within that date range.

By clicking on Export (Zip), it will download a .zip file with all of the certificates inside of that zip.

  • There will be a folder for each learner with their certificates inside.
  • On the top level, there is a Combined.pdf. This combines all certificates into 1 file to easily share and print.

If you enter a learner's folder, it will then have:

  • Individual certificates of what they have earned.
  • A Combined.pdf file that combines all of that learner's certificates into one file.

By clicking on Export CSV from the original table, it will download the table as a CSV file.

By clicking on the Completion Date, you will then see that individual certificate, which you can then download and print individually if preferred.