You have the ability to upload videos to Create-A-Course a few different ways. Go to Create-A-Course. Click on 'Start the Wizard,' then select 'Upload Video.'

Select a video to upload. Create-A-Course supports all major video formats including: 

  • .mov
  • .mpeg4
  • .mp4
  • .avi
  • .wmv

There is a 5GB upload limit in the video you upload. If you're uploading a large file it may take a while to upload depending on your internet's upload speed.

We recommend uploading caption and description files for the video. Doing so will ensure anyone with disabilities can understand and follow along in your video.

  • Captions are text versions of the spoken parts of videos. This is often intended for the hard of hearing. Learn to create caption files.
  • Audio descriptions provide additional information about what is visible on the screen. This is often intended for users with visual disabilities. Learn to create description files.

You can also learn more about accessibility for videos or how to create these files in WebVTT

This will create a course with the video.

You may also upload a video to a new slide. To do so click on the plus (+) button to create a new slide. Under 'Slide Type' select 'Video,' then upload a video similarly as before.

To ensure videos are accessible for everyone, you can also use the following keyboard shortcuts:

Play and pause toggle
Space bar
Go back 5 seconds

Go forward 5 seconds

Volume up

Volume down

Mute toggle
Fullscreen toggle
F, double-click the video
Skip to a percentage of the video, for example 9 is 90%
Number keys 0-9