You're able to add audio narrations to slides in Create-A-Course. To do so first select slide. In the Audio Info section you can: 

  1. Record yourself speaking 
  2. Upload an audio file.

Record uses your computer's microphone to save anything spoken. As this uses your computer's microphone, the website may ask for access to your microphone. After recording your narration, you can then use the Play button to review your recording. When you're satisfied with it, click on the Upload To Slide button to attach the audio to the slide.

If you would prefer to upload a file with your audio narration, you can select Choose File, select your a saved WAV file, then click on Upload to Slide. It must be a WAV file so it can play across all browsers, both mobile and desktop, effectively.

When audio is added a wait time is set by default. The wait time is the total amount of time before the next slide button is enabled, which ensures that your learners listens to the entire audio narration before moving onto the next slide. Create-A-Course automatically sets the wait time to be the length of your recording. This can be overwritten at any point by typing a different duration in the box.

In supported browsers, Create-A-Course will automatically convert recorded audio into text narration to be included as part of the course. This can be found by clicking on the Show Narration button. This does not automatically convert audio that has been uploaded. It's strongly recommended to proofread the narration area for quality assurance as well. See which browsers support this feature via the Speech Recognition API.

We strongly recommend adding text narration for any audio that's uploaded for hard of hearing users. You have the ability to type in the narration yourself or make any adjustments too. If any audio is uploaded or recorded we strongly recommend ensuring that a narration is added for hard of hearing users.