Create-A-Course allows site administrators to upload PowerPoints or PDFs and convert them into courses automatically. We make sure that all courses created are accessible for those with disabilities to ensure there aren't any barriers for learners to access courses.

Slide Text

If a PowerPoint or PDF is uploaded and has text inside of it, Create-A-Course will automatically scrape the text from the document and add it as alt text that screen readers can read back. This helps people with visual impairements to be able to hear the content of the course itself. 

If you would like to update the text, or add text if your slide doesn't have any text on it, simply type into the Slide Text box.

Audio Narrations

For courses that have audio narrations, it's possible to include a text narration so people who are hard of hearing can read along with the audio. To do so, go to the Audio Info tab and record your audio. Once the audio is recorded and uploaded to the slide, you'll be able to type a narration to add to the slide too.

If you are using Chrome, the audio will automatically be converted into a text narration and saved to the slide. This uses the Speech Recognition API which is newer, more experimental technology that isn't supported by all browsers. As more browsers support the API, more browsers will automatically convert your audio into text.