To create an Event go to the Events page and click on the Create New Event button.

Event Details

The Event Details section asks for basic information about the event.

  • Title
  • Start Date and Time
  • End Date and TIme
  • Location
  • Description (optional)

Attendance Settings

The Attendance Settings section allows you to change specifically features to offer the event as a training event.

  • Visibility: Public or private
  • Display on Calendar
  • Available Seats
  • Reminder Days
  • Email Notifications
  • Certificate


There are two visibility options for events.

Public events are visible and open to your entire organization. Public events appear in the Course Catalog where learners can register themselves into it. They will always appear under the Live Training category.

Private events are visible only to specific people who are invited to the event. When an event is selected to be Private, it does not appear in the Course Catalog.

Display on Calendar

This setting allows you to control whether or not the event will display on the Events calendar to learners. This may be helpful if you want to create an Event and not have individuals stumble across it on their own. A URL can be shared instead to give specific access to the Event, which could give individuals the opportunity to register for an account then register for the Event. 

Display on Calendar is set to On:

Display on Calendar is set to Off

Please note: Administrators will be able to see all events on their calendar no matter what. This will only limit what learners see.

Available Seats

You have the ability to set the number of available seats for an event. If it's an in-person event in a classroom with 20 seats, you can set the number of available seats to 20. This ensures that no more than 20 learners can be added to the event. This can be beneficial if the event has open enrollment where learners can register themselves to the event. 

The Approval Required section let's you determine if the learner must be approved before they are assigned a seat. 

If you would like unlimited seating, set the available seats to 0. There will then be no restrictions on the number of people to attend the event.

Reminder Days

With Reminder Days you can select the number of days before an event for a a reminder email to be sent to your learners. This is helpful if you want to remind your employees of upcoming events before the event takes place. If you set it to 0 then no reminder emails will be sent out. 

Email Notifications

This option lets you decide to send emails notifying people of the event.

  • If it's a public event an email will be sent to all users in your organization.
  • If it's a private event an email will be sent to each invitee.

If you select No then no emails will be sent.


If selected, a person will receive a certificate upon completion of After-Event Reporting. A default certificate is awarded, but administrators also have the ability to create their own Custom Certificate and select it via the dropdown. 

In Custom Certificates you're able to make your custom certificate the default certificate. If you do so, that certificate will also be the default certificate awarded when creating events. This can be helpful for organizations that want custom branded certificates site-wide.


You are able to add prerequisites that learners need to meet before they can attend an event. Under the prerequisites section, type the name of a course, event or resource to add as a prerequisite. Select the type (course or event or resource) with the dropdown. You may also select catalog as an option which can then be used to set the minimum or maximum of a given type of training within that catalog.

You can add as many prerequisites as you'd like. You also have the ability to edit some fields, such as the score required to attend the event.

If a prerequisite is not met, learners will be unable to register into the event. It will list out the requirements that the learner has not met.

Attach Documents

Files can be added to events. This is oftentimes used if trainers want their learners to read documents before attending the event, or want to supply documents that are needed while at the event.

Supported file types are:

.doc, .docx, .pdf, .png, .jpg, .jpeg, .gif, .bmp, .ppt, .pptx, .pps, .xls, .xlsx, .csv, .tsv, .zip, .rar, .7z

If you want to attach a document that is not supported, we recommend compressing it in a zip file and adding that zip.

Once you've set up the Event, click on Create Event to create your event.