By default, Events in your site cannot be viewed by others unless they are logged into your site. It's assumed that organizations may primarily use Events for internal training not privy to the public.

If, however, your organizations would like to let people see your Events without being logged in, you have the ability to do so. This may be helpful if you would like to promote trainings to individuals not yet within your site.

To do so, go to Site Building, then under Social Features toggle Front-Facing Events to On.

Then go to Events. Simply copy and paste this URL and send it to anyone. You will now be able to see Public events that display on the calendar without being logged in. This may be helpful if your organization would like to promote your live trainings and garner interest.

You can also go to a specific Event and copy that Event's URL. People can also view details about the individual Event without being logged in. 

Individuals can then log in or register an account, and then register for the event if applicable.