Your organization may have needs to collect additional information about events held by your organization beyond our standard set of fields. The CollaborNation LMS allows Site Administrators to create additional Event Fields that can apply to all events in your organization. These Event Fields will then appear as columns in Reporting just like any the default fields within the LMS.

Adding Event Fields

You may access the Event Fields access from the Courses section of Admin Tools.

Screenshot of the Courses section of Admin Tools with the Event Fields link highlighted.

From the main Event Fields page you will come to an interface that lists existing fields, and a link at the top to add a new field. The existing fields can easily toggle their required or enabled/disabled status. For more extensive changes click the Edit link.

Screenshot of the Event Fields interface displaying three fields that currently exist for the site.

Add Field 

When adding a field you must specify a Field Name.  This is the name of the field that will be displayed in the Add/Edit interface for Events.  Beyond that you must specify the Field Type and whether or not the field is Required. There are presently three types of fields:

Text Field - A field where the administrator will enter text. This field allows you to check a Multiple box which allows you to enter multiple text responses for this entry.

Example of adding a text field named "Items to Bring" with the multiple option checked.

Drop Down - A drop down field that presents the same pre-built options for each event. This ensures consistency of results, and that there is only a single result for each field.

Example of a select field named Travel Provided that displays options for Yes and No.

Checkbox - A series of checkboxes that presents the same pre-bulit options for each events. This ensures consistency of results, and that there may be multiple result for each field.  This option allows you to create sub-selections and checking the parent automatically checks the sub-selections.

Example of a checkbox field named Travel Method that shows options for car and plane. The plane option has sub-selections of Delta and Other.

Add/Edit Events

Enabled fields will then appear in a section named Additional Fields on the Add Event and Edit Event interface. This section is currently located directly above the Notification section.

Displaying the three custom Additional Fields on the Add Event page.

Once entered these fields will appear on the Event Details page.

The updated Event Details interface displaying the entered additional Fields for the events.


Once created these fields will now appear within Reporting on the Events tab, as well as on the list of events that a learner has attended on the individual Learner page. These fields will appear as columns on the right of the table.

Displaying the compiled results of an event in reporting. It indicates that this event. It indicates that you are to bring paper and pens and that you must travel by your own car.

On the individual Event page these fields are displayed following the default fields for an event.