Event creators can collect feedback in Events. When creating or editing an Event, simply toggle Allow Feedback to On.

Attendees can then leave feedback after they’re graded in After-Event Reporting.

The Event Category must be either:

  • Instructor-Led Classroom Training Event
  • Instructor-Led Online Training Event

Feedback cannot be left for Non-Training Events.

Once the attendee is marked as attending, they can then leave feedback by clicking on the Give Feedback link on their My Courses page.

View Event Feedback

As an administrator you can view attendee feedback for Events. To do so, go to Admin Tools and click on Event Feedback under Reporting.

You will then see a list of events that allow feedback.

Clicking on the Total Feedback button for the Event will display individual responses. 

From the main Event Feedback page, if you click on Bulk Event Feedback you will see all feedback left for all events.